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Here at BROWN Legal, we aim to provide a unique experience for people who are in need of legal services in Southern Colorado.  We don't feel that you should have to be uncomfortable with your lawyer or your legal matter.  You should be able to talk with a lawyer like an old friend, and understand what they are telling you just as well!

BROWN Legal approaches the practice of law like the country doctor of yore, with basic knowledge across a variety of topics and a few specialties thrown in.  And like the country doctor, BROWN Legal makes house calls!

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Sue your Parents? Why not!

Posted 3/7/2014

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So apparently, if you feel like you are entitled to do as you please when you turn 18, you are also entitled to file a lawsuit for all those nifty things (like private schooling and a college education) that parents do for good, obedient children?  If you are old enough to claim you are emancipated, you are certainly old enough to support yourself!

Rachael Canning and her attorney, John Inglesino, in court.  Photo by Reuters.


Now, I understand there are some other twists in this story, including some that should disturb the lawyers out there.  For example, would you allow a fifteen year old girl to drink vodka in your home and then represent her in this lawsuit?  But this begs the question - do you think the judge in this case was right to deny the initial relief requested?  Do you support the teenager?

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Welcome to BROWNBlog!

Posted 1/2/2014

Welcome to the BROWN Legal blog!  From time to time, I may post some musings about law and the legal profession in this space, and invite your participation in the discussions!

When I set out to start my own law firm, I began to realize how difficult it is to start a new business!  There are so many little details that have to be taken care of, just to be able to actually engage in the practice of law!  As a government attorney for most of my career, it was nice not to have to worry about the logistics of things like ink and printer paper, who to call when the internet connection goes down, or getting your latest calendar!  A sole practitioner quickly learns how to become an accountant, a network technician, and an office manager, whether you want to or not!

Back before dinosaurs roamed the earth, in my days at the University of New Mexico School of Law, we were not required to have any coursework in business, operating a law practice, or similar things.  Do young law students these days get any exposure to these topics?  I imagine most lawyers at some point in their career will hang up the shingle for a while.  We are woefully unprepared as a profession to handle simple business tasks!

What do you think?  Should law schools encourage their students to learn some basics of business, or offer elective courses?  Are there any students out there who have access to these types of classes?  Let me know! I look forward to hearing from you!

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