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Estate planning can be as simple as a handwritten will, or as complicated as a revocable or living trust.  Each person has different needs based on their income, age, assets, relatives, health, and numerous other factors.  BROWN Legal can help you identify your legal needs so that you can plan for the future and make sure your wishes are known at the end of your life.


According to Forbes magazine, it was estimated in 2011 that over 120 million Americans did not have even a basic will or financial plan.  Although 66 percent of Americans recognize the need for proper estate planing, only 44 percent of those surveyed in 2011 had any estate planning documents.  Parents of children under 18 are even less likely to have an estate plan (39%), jeopardizing their say in who will care for their children in case of an untimely death of both parents.  Younger Americans are also likely to put off preparing their estate plan.  Over 75% of those surveyed indicate they believe an estate plan is too complicated and time consuming for them to handle right now.


Let BROWN Legal discuss your estate planning needs with you.  You may be able to "do it yourself", or with the assistance of a good document preparation service that we can refer you to.  For more complicated estates, we will be happy to handle your planning and take it from "too complicated" to "too easy!"