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The good news -- in the last year (ending September, 2013), bankruptcy filings across the United States are significantly down, over 12.2 percent.  Filings in Colorado are down over 13 percent, and cases are being resolved faster (almost 14 percent faster than 2012).  But while the economy seems to be improving and fewer people need to resort to bankruptcy, there were still over one million new filings in 2013.  It is also more difficult to bring a Chapter 13 bankruptcy to successful conclusion, especially with the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005.


The decision to enter into bankruptcy is very personal, and many debtors suffer from guilt and depression surrounding their decisionmaking process.  You aren't in this alone!  A majority of debtors enter bankruptcy due to unforeseen medical expenses, or divorce, or an unexpected job loss.  A bankruptcy proceeding is intended to give you a clean start, and another chance to follow your American dream, not to punish you for financial situations that were beyond your control or that got out of control.  This right is so important, creation of bankruptcy laws is one of the few powers of Congress specifically identified in the United States Constitution! See Article I, Section 8(4), U.S. Constitution.


The bankruptcy process is very specific, and errors can easily be made.  This is not something you want to handle yourself!  Let BROWN Legal advise you if you are thinking about a bankruptcy filing.  Don't wait!  We are sensitive to your concerns and will provide you with straightforward, caring advice on making a fresh start!